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Company Profile

Mr. Manoj Kothari, with his extraordinary vision, established Aakriti Housing in the year 2009. Since then Aakriti Housing has emerged as one of the most successful real estate firms in Hyderabad. Over the years, Aakriti has grown from being a new born baby to walk with a confident stride – falling and rising like a phoenix!

This journey has only been possible due to the efforts of our experienced leaders and our employees’ adaptive behavior. We are one of the leading real estate property development companies offering real estate property for sale or buy in Hyderabad and surrounding areas like Manikonda, Tellapur and Gachibowli at the moment. As years pass by, we wish to be able to contribute more to the ever growing community of house owners in Hyderabad.

Challenges and overcoming those challenges is how a company grows. We acknowledge these challenges and work hard to resolve them. People are the main pillars of Aakriti Housing. It is only with a beautiful inclusive work culture that percolates down from our leadership, that employees here take complete ownership of what they do.

We at Aakriti Housing use effective and efficient strategies to be able to give our customers the most personalized services including handing them what we promise at the outset. We value our word. We value ethics. We like transparency. Mistakes happen, but then, we do not ignore them. We try our best to correct our mistakes. And that is what we pledge to our customers; our integrity!

Our Core Values:

Organic Leadership:
With our visionary leaders, Aakriti believes in aiming for the highest, to be the best housing company, something on which the customers can rely upon, something which inspires others and has an enriching inner and outer atmosphere. Only with shared aims and values can a company grow as a whole, and our leaders firmly believe in that.

What is a workplace without its own set of ethics? At Aakriti, we believe in harbouring trust and loyalty amongst our customers by providing the best services which results in a wholesome experience for our customers. We also work towards development which is sustainable and work towards building more and more designs which are energy efficient and environment friendly.

Delivery Track Record:
With cent percent customer satisfaction, we ensure that you get exactly what you sign up for (and more). In the last 10 years of operations, we have delivered about 6 projects with more than 2000+ happy customers. We have current portfolio of about 30 lac SQFT including ongoing projects.

Company Culture:
Trust and transparency are two of the key components of our company culture. We try our hardest to maintain a brand which is unique, which develops trust among its employees and customers, and which builds memorable relationships with our customers with our services.

Customer Focus:
To make our customers satisfied and happy is what we strive towards. Our utmost priority is our customers and which is why Aakriti has been built so as to work constantly towards improving the life quality of our customers and their families by our high quality standards, rigid measures for safety of our customers, and stunning architectural designs.

Transitional ideas:
We, at Aakriti, firmly believe in change while also valuing stability and being true to ourselves and our brand identity. And this is why we work upon ideas on temporary basis to check its feasibility in the real world, and therefore not directly disrupting the manner of our operations. This ensures we're constantly adapting to the changes around us while remaining the same brand which our customers put faith in.

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